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Optician's Pal is for opticians who want to go digital without the complications of expensive programs and confusing features.

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When creating our program, we worked closely with opticians to include all the features needed by a practice and account for all the different situations you may find yourself in like marking pre-sales, cancellations and accessories sales to name a few. Our mission is to deliver a user-friendly, clear and easy program, while updating and adding features that make life easier. The only requirement is a modern web browser (Chrome, Safari or Firefox) and an internet connection, we take care of everything else!

Modern Record Keeping

Keep track of all your customers along with their glasses, contacts, accessories and insurance info. Easily search all this info in a modern dashboard with immediate access to relevant details.

Easy Communication

Easily alert your customers by email or text when orders arrive with auto-populated templates.

Secure Cloud Records

All of your data is secured on our servers meaning you can access it safely from anywhere. Security is a big concern so we use the latest methods to ensure exposed data is never a concern.

Streamlined Data Input

Going digital shouldn't be a hassle. We added many features to speed up the input and management of data to make input a painless process. Quickly copy orders, set RX expiration dates, set matching data for prescriptions and more.

Tray and Receipts

Only print what you need, once a record is in you can print out sheets for trays quickly giving you the info you need or send off receipts for insurances and customers.


Create as many employee accounts as you'd like, optionally give them pins and admin rights to ensure proper use of software. Quickly add new insurances and labs to be auto-filled in prescriptions as your practice changes. Add in your doctors for tracking of sales and refills.

Detailed Reports

Take advantage of all the information you collect. Reports can give you a better understanding of certain aspects of your business. Reports are always there as well as easily printable for record keeping.

  • Sort sales by payment type, employees, doctors, remakes, insurance type and more!
  • See balances paid and picked up orders for the date range you select as well as tax due, insurance due, total take, etc.

Never worry about sales sheets again and easily catch errors.


Here are some photos of different pages throughout the program, many more features included in the program. Remember to contact us about a no cost full trial of Optician's Pal.

Trial and Software

We encourage you to contact us to set you up with a free trial. We know changing how you run your practice is a big decision so we want to give you plenty of time to get a feel for ours before making you commit to anything. No payment info required, just your employees names, insurances accepted, labs used and any doctors at your practice so we can get the trial pre-filled with your information.

    One month of the full version at absolutely no cost.
Full Version
  • Future Updates
  • Access Anywhere
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Use the form below to contact us at anytime with any questions about the software and sales. We will do our best to get back to you right away or leave us a message in the notes about your preferred time of contact.